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Friday Feels #3

Hello HQ-ers,

Well what a week it’s been! Amongst everyday life, all but two WordPress BloggingU courses are complete.

They’ve been invaluable to refresh my (self-taught) skills and taught me some new things, I genuinely didn’t know. Unfortunately, even feedback links are dead so I can’t tell BloggingU how grateful I am for the content available on each Topic covered.

Some of the things I picked up are what enabled me to achieve a reach across the World which I never thought I’d hit so quickly as my old site which had money thrown at it didn’t perform as well in such a short time.

Map Image from my weekly Stats

So now I’m looking to collaborate with other bloggers and readers. Please visit here for details.

As always, thank YOU for reading.

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The ‘Friday Feels’ Weekly

Hello HQ-ers,

In this Series; each, Friday I’ll endeavour to tell you about my week on the Bloggersphere!

Having been a loyal WordPress user, it made sense to edit my account and rebrand myself on WordPress. I’m no expert on it mind, though I know the basics of creating a site, customising, editing etc so after a long hiatus from life in general due to a global pandemic, I began to emerge from under my rock and plan my Blogging future.

This time around though, I am approaching my site with clearer goals than I ever had before.

  • Create a brand for CSHQ
  • Advertise myself as a Consultant
  • Promote my writing
  • Return to stand-up comedy
  • Have fun
  • Be creative
  • Grow my network and following

How did I do towards reaching said goals in the last 2 weeks? The following links might help answer that.

My Homepage

My Consulting page

My Writing page

My Comedy page

Having fun



Til the next time…