Everyday Inspiration: Day 11

If we were having coffee right now… If you’ve been following along, you’ll know I’ve been ‘studying’ the BloggingU courses. Day 14 of Learning the Fundamentals prompted me to create my own feature so at the beginning of March I started the ‘Friday Feels’ series which is a weekly reflection of the week I’ve hadContinue reading “Everyday Inspiration: Day 11”

Everyday Inspiration: Day 10

Sit and observe… It is a little uncomfortable when it has been neglected, as I collect what I can into a McDonald’s paper bag destined for the bin. The seatbelt restricts me no matter what height level it is set at and I notice it’s always worse when the weather is warmer. The gentle breezeContinue reading “Everyday Inspiration: Day 10”

Everyday Inspiration: Day 9

When I’m not writing… Let’s be real here; as a mother, my priorities are a lot different to when I was in my 20’s A good chunk of my day is taken up by the morning routines of tidying up, sorting out the pets, school runs then the evening routines of cooking, cleaning and chillingContinue reading “Everyday Inspiration: Day 9”