More interviews with Leanne Easthope

THIS EDIT: 31.03.22 Who is Leanne Easthope? Another interview on That Mental Ginger Show Please watch at your discretion as it contains themes which may trigger some viewers. Huge thanks to Andrew Durning for hosting an episode of the show with Leanne as a guest. I’d like to thank Leanne Easthope for her time hereContinue reading “More interviews with Leanne Easthope”

Friday Feels #10

Hello HQ-ers! Hope you’re all well. Another mad busy week here at CS HQ with a to-do list as long as your arm, feeling slightly overwhelmed most days to straight out frazzled! So since we last got together, in case you missed the last post, I’m going to be performing on a Triple-Bill at theContinue reading “Friday Feels #10”

Friday Feels #9

Hello HQ-ers, Just a short one today to give you the chance discover and to subscribe to Comedian Andy Mitchell I was invited on to his Podcast* earlier this week and it was the most unplanned, unprepared, surreal experience I’ve encountered 🤦🏻‍♀️ Have a listen here and I’ll apologise in advance 😂 *contains strong languageContinue reading “Friday Feels #9”