More interviews with Leanne Easthope

THIS EDIT: 31.03.22 Who is Leanne Easthope? Another interview on That Mental Ginger Show Please watch at your discretion as it contains themes which may trigger some viewers. Huge thanks to Andrew Durning for hosting an episode of the show with Leanne as a guest. I’d like to thank Leanne Easthope for her time hereContinue reading “More interviews with Leanne Easthope”

Leanne: A parent’s opinion

A few days have passed since the Interview with Midlands Comedienne Leanne Easthope was published to this blog so we’ve all had time to read, digest, process… This post is purely an opinion on the facts of this case and written without prejudice. As a fellow lone parent, this case has affected me personally. Let’sContinue reading “Leanne: A parent’s opinion”

Interview with Leanne Easthope

Who is Leanne Easthope? I’d like to thank Leanne Easthope for her time here and share her story in her words. It’s candid, it’s provocative so consider this a Trigger Warning and proceed at your discretion. Lu: Leanne, as always a pleasure to talk to you however this time its not as lighthearted… can youContinue reading “Interview with Leanne Easthope”