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Friday Feels #7

Hello HQ-ers,

It’s been a crazy busy week here at CSHQ and I HAVE to share why with you!

I was the victim of a crime a few years ago and through official referral went on two programmes to aid my recovery and mental well-being.
I found it brilliant yet I found some flaws that didn’t sit right with me.

It kept niggling at me for years then over the last few months I had an epiphany:

I’m a qualified tutor!

So after the pandemic hit, and I’d graduated from University, the live comedy stopped and I started job-hunting. The job search proved to be fruitless, I thought right, you won’t employ me? Screw you! Your loss I’ll employ MYSELF!

I have been working all week creating content loosely based on those 2 programmes but:

  • Accessible to all
  • No official referral needed
  • Suitable for all situations not just that specific situation the original training I did pertained to.

Basically, I’m here creating course content on the principles of empathy and supporting others, while providing strategies of coping methods and mindset shifting to build confidence and assertion.
My aims are to raise awareness of the impact on each of us within mis-aligned interpersonal relationships and to provide tools that encourage safer and more informed choices in our lives going forward.

For more information, click HERE

Have a fabulous weekend!

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What’s in a name?

Beyond the CS HQ

You may know CSHQ as ComicalSuicide either as you’ve followed previously or read the previous Blog Post. Maybe you didn’t know so this Post should explain why the name was chosen.

Originally, without getting too morbid so early on, a failed suicide attempt was the catalyst for the journey towards a stand-up comedy career.

However, there’s so much more to what I do so shortening it to the initials CS and working mostly from ‘Headquarters’, I came up with CS HQ as the umbrella term for all the ‘creative’ pots I have a finger in.

That’s it! No more, no less. Nothing profound, nothing deep and meaningful, no rocket science.

CSHQ sounds like it grew up and found a more ‘adult’ identity… And I like it.




You may remember ComicalSuicide in its pre-pandemic guise. If so, thank you for still being ‘here’ supporting it. If not, read on and I’ll bring you up to speed.

A couple of years ago, certain life events gave me a good butt-kicking to prepare to get on a Stage where I made my Debut as a stand-up comedienne. It was going alright until a global pandemic gave everyone a good ass-whooping and life as we knew it, stalled.

As quick as I was filling my diary with stage time, as quick as Lockdown Restrictions drew a line through the entries. Now, COVID-19 is almost 2 years old. And I couldn’t let this invisible brat of a toddler ruin anymore of my life so I pooled all my own experiences, skills, resources etc to rise again…