Friday Feels #7

Hello HQ-ers, It’s been a crazy busy week here at CSHQ and I HAVE to share why with you! I was the victim of a crime a few years ago and through official referral went on two programmes to aid my recovery and mental well-being. I found it brilliant yet I found some flaws thatContinue reading “Friday Feels #7”

Friday Feels #6

Hi HQ-ers, Hope you had a wonderful Easter break! Finally, every WP BloggingU course is complete, I’m just working through the Photography ones now in between preparing to launch another aspect of CSHQ. Hope you’re enjoying the content so far, please do let me know in the comments below. I’m really excited to share withContinue reading “Friday Feels #6”

Everyday Inspiration: Day 7

Today’s lesson provides five Tweets as a blog post prompt. The idea is to choose one that elicits a response. I’m not on Twitter anymore nor do I intend to return to it, however this is the tweet I chose from the lesson: We’ve all wondered why certain things are taught in schools when otherContinue reading “Everyday Inspiration: Day 7”