Everyday Inspiration: Day 8

Reinvent the letter format. Dear Rejection, I felt it was time to write you a letter as you’ve happened so often, you deserve acknowledgment. Rejection is the natural course of things Eric Walters Being on the receiving end of you, Rejection, well, it can be testing. It can get to a point where I feelContinue reading “Everyday Inspiration: Day 8”

Fall in love with: more blogs I follow!

The following list is not an in-depth review of the mentioned blogs, nor is CSHQ in anyway affiliated with them. From the original post here, here are more great blogs I’m discovering. If you have any recommendations, please do link them in the comments below and share the blogloving! The first step in blogging isContinue reading “Fall in love with: more blogs I follow!”

Everyday Inspiration: Day 7

Today’s lesson provides five Tweets as a blog post prompt. The idea is to choose one that elicits a response. I’m not on Twitter anymore nor do I intend to return to it, however this is the tweet I chose from the lesson: We’ve all wondered why certain things are taught in schools when otherContinue reading “Everyday Inspiration: Day 7”