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Friday Feels #6

Hi HQ-ers,

Hope you had a wonderful Easter break!

Finally, every WP BloggingU course is complete, I’m just working through the Photography ones now in between preparing to launch another aspect of CSHQ.

Hope you’re enjoying the content so far, please do let me know in the comments below.

I’m really excited to share with you all that I’m going to be launching a digital course! Do stay tuned over the next few days to find out more about this. In the meantime, give CSHQ a follow on here and on social media channels and you can even subscribe via email to be in the know!

Join me Sunday morning for a virtual coffee date.

Until then, have a great weekend!

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Developing your eye: Day 1


Places of residence do not necessarily correlate with associations to the home; the home consists of a physical space as well as an emotional and psychological relationship, where memory, comfort, activity and familiarity are some of the many important factors in the construction of home.

Stoneham, Bryce & Smith, Desmond. “The house and the home: The balance of architecture and psychology within the residential home”.

And thats what this picture means to me: … the home consists of a physical space as well as an emotional and psychological relationship…

© L. Williams, CSHQ
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Virtual Coffee Date #1


Good morning HQ-ers,

Kettle’s just boiled, so grab a brew!

I’m on the Nescafé 3 in 1’s, I know! It’s not good, I mean I like them, they are convenient yet they can’t be that good for you really especially at the amount I consume daily.

Actually I don’t like them… I’m not a fan since they fixed what wasn’t broke and their “fresher and richer” recipe tastes like pond water. I’m addicted to them. I have a box a day habit and I get rather antsy if I run out.

I did tweet Nestle once to ask if they contained crack however they never replied.

I’m digressing here, I’m aware it’s a problem and I have taken the first step by admitting my ‘fake-coffee’ addiction so let’s move on.

During the night, Daylight Savings Time kicked in here in the U.K. here’s to those warmer evenings, epic sunsets and hopefully a decent summer.

I’ve been very mindful to not say one word on this site, I want to avoid it as much as I can because it’s all we hear daily on the news. I was immensely disgusted at only very recently finding out the Sarah Everard story because the C-word dominates every news broadcast and after a year, I personally got sick of hearing the same reports over and over.

I will address the Sarah Everard story eventually. I’m still processing it and the aftershocks it has caused. Every time I try to finish my drafted thoughts on it, I just can’t finish it because you can’t finish a story like that. How do you just write ‘The End’ to such a tragic story? I’ll figure it out no doubt, just not right now. However, please do get in touch if you feel you’ve something to add or just want to vent your thoughts.

Its the Bahrain Grand Prix today, so we’ll be watching here. And we are on Easter Half Term too so I’m hoping the clocks going forward an hour will bring better weather to be able to get out more as restrictions lift.

I’d love to know your plans for the Easter break so please do comment below.

Do join me again the Sunday morning after Easter for another #VirtualCoffeeDate and if you’re bringing biscuits, tell me which ones you’re a fan of!

Have a great week.

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Everyday Inspiration: Day 13 and 14

Playing with word count and Recreate a single day

Another lightbulb moment here meaning I will do Day 14 by adopting the Day 13 strategy and posting a short read inspired by one day in the past that changed everything for me.

I do hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating it!

*United Kingdom: Samaritans: 116123 Outside the United Kingdom: Global Directory

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Friday Feels #4

This Website is 6 weeks old!

Without any financial input from CSHQ we are growing slowly yet reaching far. It takes awhile to start gaining analytical insights however everything is in motion behind the scenes to provide accurate performance reporting.

Once again, I can’t stress enough how helpful the WordPress courses are, even though they are no longer managed and up to date. Even if you’re a blogging vet, there’s bound to be a nugget of information there that will help you produce your best site and inspire you to create valuable content.

Mine are 99% all complete in just 3 weeks of dedicating time to delve into each topic and it’s daily lesson and I feel it’s made a difference to how I blog as opposed to previous sites I had.

It’s motivated me to keep going in a realistic time-frame and help me schedule time to work on this site, whether it’s back office stuff or writing.

In my consultancy world, I’ve been spending time drawing up a programme of information which I will soon be live for anyone who could use a resource on behaviour within interpersonal relationships.

As for comedy, last Sunday saw my return to stand-up albeit under lockdown conditions. Appearing on Awkward Question Time for the third time as its fun.

You can view it here in case you missed it. Be aware; we discuss adult themes and includes profanities.

Recorded Show

It’s the third time I’ve appeared on this show and I thoroughly enjoy it because you never know what’s going to happen next. It’s completely live with no way of knowing what may happen so whilst it’s not on a stage with a mic to a live audience it’s still in principle very much like a comedy night as you never know what the crowd will be like, if you’re heckled and so on.

In Lu’s world, we had a return to school for one day and now I’ll have my son home over Easter Break until April 12th, pending Government guidance. I’m in awe of my son! His resilience is admirable, how he’s adapted to life during a pandemic, how he’s continued his studies with homeschooling. He rarely asks me for help now he gets his head down and gets it done and I can see the sense of achievement when he appears to tell me he’s handed in anything due and the sense of pride when his work is marked with positive comments from his teachers.

Whilst on the subject of Education, I’m also getting ready to return to University to complete the first step toward a MSc so I’m excited, focused and ready to tackle these new challenges that I’ll face.

My BSc was anticlimactic. Four years of hard work and no Graduation Ceremony saddened me. Of course, I can graduate virtually or attend a ceremony in the future BUT I finished in Summer 2020. To have a ceremony in 2020 would be more appropriate than waiting til later in 2021 and beyond.

Hoping after two years of Postgraduate study, the World will return to a modicum of normalcy where I can don cap and gown in front of my son.

Until the next time…