One Scrapbooking Idea

I’ve always liked journalling and collecting little things that remind me of good times and travelling. Having accumulated a lot of books and stationary over the years, I was having a really good clear out and found a empty red covered photo album that was almost falling apart. Red… I also found my collection ofContinue reading “One Scrapbooking Idea”

Everyday Inspiration: Day 13 and 14

Playing with word count and Recreate a single day Another lightbulb moment here meaning I will do Day 14 by adopting the Day 13 strategy and posting a short read inspired by one day in the past that changed everything for me. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I loved creating it!Continue reading “Everyday Inspiration: Day 13 and 14”

One night in Holland

Sharing this memory of mine from a long time ago: I was raised by a Manchester United Fan, so needless to say I became one too. Brought to Old Trafford when I was eight years old and then to many games at home or away  may have had something to do with it.  At  the  Feyenoord  Stadium  in  Rotterdam  on  Wednesday  15th May 1991,  an  8pm  kick-off  would  mark  the  start  of  90  minutes  that  would  make history. The  journey  across  the  English  Channel  by Continue reading “One night in Holland”