I write this post with a heavy heart as it’s a story about a good friend I have had the honour of knowing through Comedy.

She posted public statuses on Facebook and it wasn’t pretty… I didn’t see them til 10 hours later sadly, however as soon as I did I called her.

We talked on the phone for a little while and it was such a difficult conversation because I didn’t have the answers… I’m living too far to offer tea and sympathy, minimum.

The statuses are now no longer public so I won’t share them here however she’s going through something no decent, hard-working parent should go through. Something no single parent should go through. Something a family of 3 special needs children shouldn’t have to be subjected to.

I’ve drafted a statement that is slowly getting signatures added to it on her behalf, in support of her.

I also with the help of some bloody good comics arranged a charity comedy night in less than a day!

More info and ticket link here

Massive thanks to everyone who’s been involved up to now and I sincerely hope we sell out next week.

We can only sell-out if people buy tickets and attend though.

So if you’re in or around Cradley Heath please come and support this event.

L x

Early Friday Feels…

Hello HQ-ers,

I’m incredibly excited about this coming Friday (March 4th) for not one but two reasons! Which of course, I want to share with you all here in the Bloggersphere.

Reason One:

Big Orange Heart have organised another WordFest Live which I decided to apply for as a Speaker. Some time passed and I was selected! So, I will be delivering a 15 minute lightning talk called “Find the Funny” at 3pm (U.K time) followed by a Q&A session.

Of course, there’s only so much I can cover in 15 minutes yet I hope it will inspire all the attendees to think about how we can turn adversities into something more positive.

So grab your tickets and join all the fantastic speakers across the World!

Grab your ticket HERE

Reason Two:

Later on Friday, I will be MC-ing at my spiritual comedy home; Rhyl Comedy Club at the Little Theatre. However my excitement is because earlier today, RCC made the decision to donate all monies received from ticket sales to the Ukraine.

If you’d like to donate to the Humanitarian Fund, please visit the GoFundMe page

So this Friday will be busy however so beneficial for WordFestLive2022 attendees, for Big Orange Heart and their sponsors, for comedy and charity.

Hope to see you at either event!

Alternative top 5 reasons to collaborate with Bloggers!

1. The social aspect

Working from home is a blessing and a curse. On one hand, you’re in your surroundings, no commute, no need to get dressed and on the other, it’s lonely.

If Blogging is your main interest and/or source of income, collaborative work opens up the possibilities of widening your network, attracting more visitors and building good working relationships with fellow bloggers.

2. The Development aspect

Pitching ideas, content creation, dominating your niche… all skills to be mastered. Communication and delegation, negotiating and compromise, inspiring others, design, time management etc are all part of what we as bloggers do.

By collaborating with other brands, you’re subconsciously developing yourself and your skills. For example, talking to people at all levels in an array of niches requires flexibility in how you approach them, which in itself is a skill. The more you do it, the better you get at it.

3. The microniche aspect

Collaboration can develop your niche by way of microniche blog posts. With the right relevant content under the niche umbrella, your blog will become a one stop shop of information that your readers will appreciate.

4. The mojo aspect

Collaboration can inspire your creative flow when you’re feeling stuck and at a loss of what to blog about. It happens to us all, through lack of ideas, tiredness, poor health, boredom and many other reasons. Another person who’s agreed to work with you, is like having an accountability partner. You owe them in keeping up your end of the bargain so collaboration helps fuel the motivation you’re missing.

5. The authority aspect

The more people clamouring to work with you, the more you appear to be desirable to follow. Collaboration builds trust around what you do, what you offer, what you sell.

Your niche may well be saturated, yet if you’re the one who people want to work with you’ll stand out in your field.

Hit the link below and find your collaboration community and “Get Blogged”

Blogger Outreach

Happy Blogging 🙂