Online Learning FAQ’s

Recently on a Zoom call, the host mentioned the word BETA in terms of marketing a product. They said as a personal consumer and potential customer, Beta evokes the sense that there’s some defect with the product. Well, that got me thinking…

What about ‘People’ as in every human-being?

Labels are a blessing and a curse. On one hand, they help identify on the other they can cause division.

Sub-group of People: That term doesn’t sit right with me. Sub group, sounds like it’s lesser? Different? Not normal? Special?

Take this example, from a conversation I had stemming from the aforementioned Zoom call.

“You’re LGBTQ+ right? That’s none of my business! It doesn’t make you not people. You’re still a human-being regardless of your gender and sexual orientation.”

Who am I to put anyone in a sub group of people when they are fellow human-beings?

If my course is to be accessible to all then it must cater to all in an open, inclusive way.

Everyone on the planet has experienced a negative exchange at some point in their lives, if they haven’t, then they are lying or 100% perfection in societal standards!

Men, Women, Non-binary, Intersex, Other gender IDs. Children, Teens, Adults. Black, White, Asians, Hispanics, Latinos, Other race IDs. Unemployed, Working class, Celebrities. Disabilities. Single, Married, Divorced etc

We ALL bleed red. We ALL need oxygen and water to survive!

We ALL can be victims/survivors of crimes.

So can this course help you personally?

You bet your bottom dollar it can.


Because you’re a human-being. With feelings, emotions, opinions, thoughts, dreams, hopes, fears, strengths, weaknesses etc and you are no less of a human.

You deserve to be armed with tools that can help you spot the danger zone I couldn’t spot prior to my backstory. 
You deserve the chance to be able to defend your self and set boundaries and standards so you can begin to extricate yourself from oppressive people. 
You deserve the respect to be treated as equal and have a voice that can be heard when you take full autonomy of your interpersonal relationships. 

And if I can reach anyone who is in a situation where they feel victimised/bullied/threatened/etc then I’m halfway there. 

And if anything in my course triggers a response where you remove yourself from a potentially dangerous situation then my work here is complete.