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CSHQ is due to launch its first digital course!

The idea behind this stemmed from a personal experience and how a particular programme helped me through that.

As I went through each weekly meeting, I thought about the risk involved in attending. I thought about how I wish I knew this stuff before my personal situation led me here, and how I thought this should be more accessible to a wider audience to help prevent others being in such a bad personal situation.

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The programme was beneficial to me after the fact. Almost 6 years on and I’m still using the knowledge from the course which helped me to change my mindset and forge better interpersonal relationships.

So I decided to create my own course off the back of that experience and knowledge to make it accessible to all of you. There is no criteria or prerequisite to be able to immerse yourself into it. Just the desire to feel more confident in yourself, to understand certain thought processes which ultimately means you can work towards transforming into a more positive mindset and have full autonomy of your emotions, and work towards rebuilding boundaries as you reset and maintain your standards.

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There’s no rigid classroom rules that may cause more stress for you. You can work at your own pace without competition. You don’t need to be referred on via official channels, it is easier to be discreet about taking this course via CSHQ and while the idea is from something established, I’ve created an entirely new way of working it because I’ve been there.

I know how beneficial the original programme I took nearly 6 years ago was and still is, so by expanding the concept for my own self I’ve been able to carry those benefits across the board into every interpersonal relationship I have and develop this course so you too, can take back control before the fact.

If you taking this course means one less crime statistic, then we have both achieved something rewarding and special.

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Basically, I’m here creating course content on the principles of empathy and supporting others, while providing strategies of coping methods and mindset shifting to build confidence and assertion.

My aims are to raise awareness of the impact on each of us within mis-aligned interpersonal relationships and to provide tools that encourage safer and more informed choices in our lives going forward.

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