Virtual Coffee Date #6

Good morning HQ-ers, Thank you for joining me this morning over our beverages of choice! Nice to sit down and have a catch-up with you all. How are you doing? Tell me below I want you to remember something important; there is always a solution to any problem no matter how big or bad itContinue reading “Virtual Coffee Date #6”

Friday Feels #10

Hello HQ-ers! Hope you’re all well. Another mad busy week here at CS HQ with a to-do list as long as your arm, feeling slightly overwhelmed most days to straight out frazzled! So since we last got together, in case you missed the last post, I’m going to be performing on a Triple-Bill at theContinue reading “Friday Feels #10”

Virtual Coffee Date #3

18.04.21 Good morning HQ-ers, Mmm, nothing hits the spot like the first gulp of coffee in the morning. Hope you all had a great week! So what have you been up to? Please do share with me here Been a very strange week, weather-wise. Since I had my son, I’ve not been able to standContinue reading “Virtual Coffee Date #3”