Virtual Coffee Date #7

Morning CS-HQers, It’s been awhile since we had a virtual coffee date together. Over 3 months, in fact! Hope you’re all well especially now as life is returning back to ‘normality’ around the Globe. Got my coffee, so grab a brew and let’s have a catch-up! In truth, I’ve not been too great of late.Continue reading “Virtual Coffee Date #7”


Getting healed?! part 3 – help vs “help” Ages ago, I wrote a couple of blog posts about the concept of getting healed for autism. I was strongly opposed to such an idea when a well-meaning … Getting healed?! part 3 – help vs “help” Why did I reblog this? Eloquent, articulate and because IContinue reading “REBLOG:”

Virtual Coffee Date #6

Good morning HQ-ers, Thank you for joining me this morning over our beverages of choice! Nice to sit down and have a catch-up with you all. How are you doing? Tell me below I want you to remember something important; there is always a solution to any problem no matter how big or bad itContinue reading “Virtual Coffee Date #6”