Missed opportunity or Blessing in disguise?

Warning: It’s a long one! I look at my 12 year old and I love watching him learn, helping him understand, encouraging him to try his best when suddenly, I’m hurled back in my minds eye to being his age. I remember the influences I had growing up, those who cared, those who didn’t. IContinue reading “Missed opportunity or Blessing in disguise?”

What’s in a name?

Beyond the CS HQ You may know CSHQ as ComicalSuicide either as you’ve followed previously or read the previous Blog Post. Maybe you didn’t know so this Post should explain why the name was chosen. Originally, without getting too morbid so early on, a failed suicide attempt was the catalyst for the journey towards aContinue reading “What’s in a name?”


Hello, You may remember ComicalSuicide in its pre-pandemic guise. If so, thank you for still being ‘here’ supporting it. If not, read on and I’ll bring you up to speed. A couple of years ago, certain life events gave me a good butt-kicking to prepare to get on a Stage where I made my DebutContinue reading “Rebranded:”