At Home with Lu

I’ve never been comfortable with saying I have “Hobbies” as I don’t ever do anything religiously in my own down time.

Interests? Yes! Passions? Loads!!!

Many blogs are geared toward hobbies and interests with a plethora of “How to” and I love these! They are my reference point to browse and go back to at my leisure, they inspire, motivate, teach and generally make a reader feel good.

I’ve followed so many on WordPress Reader, Pinterest and Instagram. I’ve bookmarked, saved, pinned and screenshot, so much stuff to do with my own interests, so I always have it to hand in my phone.

Passing time in a productive way, one example is being on a long train journey without changes and by the end? I’ve got a brand new comedy set written.

Another example; sitting with a friend while they finish their crafting projects, so I got a notebook and pencil case full of various bits and created the first of many Bullet Journals.

Winters in the U.K. are dark and dismal, I’ve used Pinterest to create Boards of future travel ideas, plans & itineraries just to use the summery, bright images to lift my mood.

In terms of laughter, I’ve amassed a vast collection of memes for my own entertainment or to share with like-minded folk.

The Internet for all its downsides has brought a virtual library to my house and I’m grateful for that, especially now when many of us are restricted in movement.

There are a few things I’ve “bought” into that have helped me personally in various ways.

These “treats” have improved my image, confidence, well-being, creativity levels and have saved me money all while contributing to various causes, such as mental health and the environment.

This blog post The Postman always knocks… loudly! goes into more detail and provides referral links for you to explore further.

From MIND to AirBnb to Curve to Wirex to Papergang, Forest, Olio, Vinted and Glossybox with money saving offers on Airtime Rewards and Scottish Power, there’s bound to be something there for you.