Leanne: A parent’s opinion

A few days have passed since the Interview with Midlands Comedienne Leanne Easthope was published to this blog so we’ve all had time to read, digest, process…

This post is purely an opinion on the facts of this case and written without prejudice.

As a fellow lone parent, this case has affected me personally. Let’s take Leanne and her 3 children completely out of the equation and look at it as a case involving anonymous strangers. Let’s remove the subjective thoughts and feelings and make this as objective as we can because this case isn’t a one-off, this case could happen to me, you, your loved ones. This case may be just one in an undisclosed number of cases where Governmental agencies, local authorities, and yes, even the Law have made grave mistakes. Mistakes that only if they are called out and made public are dealt with by an inquiry and subsequent apology. I’m of the opinion, neither fixes things and certainly doesn’t prevent lasting repercussions for those involved.

Frankly speaking, we only seem to hear about the failings of the agencies mentioned when there has been a fatality within a family.

The highly publicised stories that spring to my mind are that of Victoria Climbié who died on the 25th February 2000. Beautiful Victoria, the 8 year old girl with a cracking smile, here in the U.K. from the Ivory Coast, who was tortured and murdered by her great aunt and the boyfriend.

Victoria Climbié

Her death led to a public inquiry and produced major changes in child protection policies in the United Kingdom. But did it?

Because in 2007 the killing of 17 month old Peter Connolly that caused widespread outrage due to the nature and magnitude of his injuries and guess what: Because Peter had lived in the North London Borough of Haringey, under the same authorities that failed seven years earlier in the murder of Victoria.

Peter Connolly

Another case, this time from Coventry in 2012. Daniel Pelka, a 4 year old was murdered by his mother and the partner. Again, this case was in the headlines due to the evidence that a number of opportunities to remove him and save him from suffering severe child abuse were missed.

Daniel Pelka


How are these children dead?

How did no-one see, act… care?

Could it be because someone would actually have to do an honest day’s work?

Families are being torn apart daily by agencies finding problems that aren’t there, yet children die and no one is held accountable as long as they say sorry.

Families going through being torn apart by an overzealous copper or social worker are silenced yet Marie-Thérèse Kouao
Carl Manning, Steven Barker,Tracey Connelly, Jason Owen, Mariusz Krężołek and Magdalena Łuczak have documentaries made about their actions which led to the deaths of the children in their care!

Now, I don’t want to undermine the Law Enforcers and the Civil Servants that work tirelessly with due diligence and empathy whatsoever, I have a lot of respect for the Police and Social Services and maintain on the whole it’s just a minority of those that mock the very duty they are placed to do but that minority in my opinion need to be called out, suspended pending investigations and removed from public services immediately upon any findings which prove they acted in a way that’s not synonymous with serving and protecting the communities they promised and committed to.

Thanks for reading.

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