I write this post with a heavy heart as it’s a story about a good friend I have had the honour of knowing through Comedy.

She posted public statuses on Facebook and it wasn’t pretty… I didn’t see them til 10 hours later sadly, however as soon as I did I called her.

We talked on the phone for a little while and it was such a difficult conversation because I didn’t have the answers… I’m living too far to offer tea and sympathy, minimum.

The statuses are now no longer public so I won’t share them here however she’s going through something no decent, hard-working parent should go through. Something no single parent should go through. Something a family of 3 special needs children shouldn’t have to be subjected to.

I’ve drafted a statement that is slowly getting signatures added to it on her behalf, in support of her.

I also with the help of some bloody good comics arranged a charity comedy night in less than a day!

More info and ticket link here

Massive thanks to everyone who’s been involved up to now and I sincerely hope we sell out next week.

We can only sell-out if people buy tickets and attend though.

So if you’re in or around Cradley Heath please come and support this event.

L x

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