Another Hallmark Holiday…

Hello HQ-ers,

It’s been a couple of weeks since I blogged due to being extremely busy with other work, becoming an Auntie to Twin girls and being very ill at the moment with what I call “Bitch Flu”.

So, in 2 days time it’s that day again…

Great if you’re in the rose pink flushes of a butterfly filled budding romance, not so great if you’re single for whatever reason.

But once again, a commercialised concept created to cash in on emotions is there putting unnecessary pressure on Joe Public.

Being single, separated, divorced, celibate et al. means you’re probably not going to be flooded with cards through the letterbox on Monday. But neither does being coupled up…

Of course it’s nice to treat someone to a thoughtful card and/or gift but not everyone can. Does that mean they love you any less?

We shouldn’t show love materialistically. We shouldn’t show love just once a year. Yet Valentines Day has been all up on the shelves since New Years Day just adding to the pressures of daily life.

If you’re alone, it’s a reminder that you’re alone.

If you’re with someone, that whole ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’ mentality kicks in and before you know it you’re buying a bunch of flowers for £45 that on the other days of the year cost £3.50.

Of course going out for a romantic date is more important than the material because you’ll always have the memories said date generated. But again, you gotta get your hair, nails, lashes, tan, hair removal done… you need that new outfit, you have to have the new bag and shoes that match…

There’s only one winner here: the retailer.

In a world that’s questioning outdated views like adopting a married surname, or approaching dad for permission to take daughter out, why aren’t we questioning this blatant exploitation of the most natural emotion we all have… love.

Let me know your thoughts on this and definitely reach out if you want to write more on the topic or collaborate in some way.

After all, why don’t us bloggers share the love? And make money doing it!

It’s what Cupid wants… x

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