FridayFeels #2/22

Hello HQ-ers, we’re back with another #FridayFeels blog post!

Almost mid January with an unChristmassy Christmas behind us, it’s chilly here in the NW currently -1 degree Celsius.

As far as New Years Resolutions go, I resolved years ago to not make resolutions. I feel they put an unnecessary burden upon oneself at yes the optimum time to make starts but also at a hard time with the winter, finances etc.

Instead, I decided to make New Years Resets

I subscribe to The Business Box and was fortunate enough to receive a Business Planner inside from Perfect Planner Co. It’s a lovely item that has everything I need in a desk planner that keeps me focused and organised.

I follow the company on social media and am currently working through a challenge ran by business owner Monique Sveinsson which has been really fun and helpful in filling out sections of the planner. Everyone on the challenge are all focused, enthusiastic and supportive so it’s been a real pleasure to take part in.

The planner works for me as a reset tool which is the point of the post today.

Not knocking anyone who has resolutions, in fact if you stick to them I admire you. For me, they just don’t work so I reset instead.

Firstly I like to reflect on the previous year.

What did I achieve?

What didn’t I achieve?

Then I list my achievements and see if I can build on those or if I’ve took them as far as I could.

If I can build on them, those things are carried into the new year along with what I didn’t achieve.

They get broken up into “departments” like Work, Study, Home etc.

Then I put all the things in the right departments so I can see what needs to be done and where.

Next I like to focus on finance, I like to make sure I know what’s going in and out and when.

Then I break down month by month how I’ll get through my tasks for the year.

So everything is out of my head, in order on paper and I can check it every day to see where I’m at and it really helps me be more productive and efficient with my time.

Not necessarily resolving to do everything by said times, it’s more a reset of here’s what needs to be done, here’s the next 12 months to do it in and if not it’s done, there’s always next year. However, we know all the next years aren’t guaranteed so you try to get it done without the pressure.

I do wish I’d done this a lot earlier in my life when I think back at unnecessary pressures I imposed on myself but I’m doing it now and I’m happy with that.

What I found with this system is I’m able to plan my business as well as my life. I’m able to schedule in the time I need to work/blog/interact with social media channels to promote my work/blog. I can see the days I’m committed to my work promises I made myself and days I can take a load off and relax.

To actually block time out on paper for scheduled tasks is really important to stay on track when you work from home/remotely. This system helps me achieve that productivity.

So, how have you organised your 2022? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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