The first Virtual Coffee Date of 2022

Good morning,

Pull up a chair and let’s catch up!

How the devil are YOU? Tell me here

Well it’s been awhile (again)…

… the latest Friday Feels post that was published focuses on the updates of all things CS HQ, of course it’s not all work and no play so here’s what I’ve been up to.

Firstly even with a pandemic, on the 16th December I hit my 100th gig. I am so proud of this milestone considering I was never going to pursue the childhood dream. I think back to my first ever gig in July 2019 and how I was in such a nervous state, so for me to reach that number of gigs is really something.

I decided to shelve uni because I was just too busy and I feel a lot better for it to be honest. I do love learning and enjoy studying but I think stopping at my Bachelors is the right thing to do.

Christmas was quiet yet productive, spent most of it spring cleaning 😂

What I have now is serious wanderlust just not doing anything about it until there’s less restrictions on travel due to COVID and its variants. Trying hard to avoid the news and pointless debates on social media. I’m going to trust the science over the Government and I’m going to listen to Professionals over Shanice from Facebook. For me personally, I’m bored of the whole thing and unless China are held accountable, I’ll no longer seek out news updates. In my opinion, I can’t see anyone being held accountable ever and the world will continue to revolve.

Will life be the same? Who knows. Let me know your thoughts below.

Til the next time x

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