Virtual Coffee Date #1


Good morning HQ-ers,

Kettle’s just boiled, so grab a brew!

I’m on the Nescafé 3 in 1’s, I know! It’s not good, I mean I like them, they are convenient yet they can’t be that good for you really especially at the amount I consume daily.

Actually I don’t like them… I’m not a fan since they fixed what wasn’t broke and their “fresher and richer” recipe tastes like pond water. I’m addicted to them. I have a box a day habit and I get rather antsy if I run out.

I did tweet Nestle once to ask if they contained crack however they never replied.

I’m digressing here, I’m aware it’s a problem and I have taken the first step by admitting my ‘fake-coffee’ addiction so let’s move on.

During the night, Daylight Savings Time kicked in here in the U.K. here’s to those warmer evenings, epic sunsets and hopefully a decent summer.

I’ve been very mindful to not say one word on this site, I want to avoid it as much as I can because it’s all we hear daily on the news. I was immensely disgusted at only very recently finding out the Sarah Everard story because the C-word dominates every news broadcast and after a year, I personally got sick of hearing the same reports over and over.

I will address the Sarah Everard story eventually. I’m still processing it and the aftershocks it has caused. Every time I try to finish my drafted thoughts on it, I just can’t finish it because you can’t finish a story like that. How do you just write ‘The End’ to such a tragic story? I’ll figure it out no doubt, just not right now. However, please do get in touch if you feel you’ve something to add or just want to vent your thoughts.

Its the Bahrain Grand Prix today, so we’ll be watching here. And we are on Easter Half Term too so I’m hoping the clocks going forward an hour will bring better weather to be able to get out more as restrictions lift.

I’d love to know your plans for the Easter break so please do comment below.

Do join me again the Sunday morning after Easter for another #VirtualCoffeeDate and if you’re bringing biscuits, tell me which ones you’re a fan of!

Have a great week.

4 thoughts on “Virtual Coffee Date #1

  1. Good morning/afternoon. 😀
    I happen to enjoy those ‘fake-coffees’ every once in a while, but I do choose to stay away from them, because it has the tendency of making my energy levels feel worse than improving them.

    I’ve also noticed how often the C-word is used. I bet that it’s the most used word ever since its reached everyone’s shores. I also choose not talk about it, because it’s all we hear. However, I’d might consider saying something about it when everything is over. I enjoy concluding things and bringing things into perspective. 🙈😂 I know some would beg to differ and say that there is no way that one could conclude and ignore the impact of the C-word, but that’s not the’s simply to help people find closure and see things in a new light, giving ourselves a chance to heal and move forward, instead of drowning in the news and hurt of yesterday.

    Easter Weekend? Hmm… I think my parents and I will be visiting my grandparents, aunts and uncles for lunch. I haven’t see them for a while, so it will be really nice to see them again.

    See you next virtual coffee date. I’ll bring along some chocolate chip cookies. 🤗

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    1. Chocolate chip cookies work for me!

      Of course by not saying the word it doesn’t equate to dismissing it. I like your take about finding closure and learning to accept the challenges and losses we’ve all endured and yes, definitely heal.

      Can’t believe it’s almost Easter already!!! I feel like I only just packed away the Christmas decorations x

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      1. Indeed! We do remain senstive to those who experienced the worst of it…but we encourage progression, closure, healing….all the things that everyone needs if we as a people ought to survive the aftermath and move forward.

        Hahaha!! You had me laughed my Christmas socks off! We also a bit late with packing Christmas decorations away, and mind our neighbours they’ve had their Christmas tree up for years. Haha!

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