One Scrapbooking Idea

I’ve always liked journalling and collecting little things that remind me of good times and travelling.

Having accumulated a lot of books and stationary over the years, I was having a really good clear out and found a empty red covered photo album that was almost falling apart.


I also found my collection of tickets from various events (mostly football matches)


In addition I found a sheet of stickers that came from a kid’s pack that came with a meal that my son hadn’t used much.

Now it’s no secret I cannot draw a straight line with a ruler BUT I’ll always try and give it a go, so a Google search of “football doodles” threw up some images I just copied out from my phone onto paper as accurately as I could.

These pictures are a little walkthrough of my favourite pages that have come from this hour of wasting my time while I was bored the other day.

Collage of scrapbook pages
Collage of scrapbook pages

It’s not brilliant, it’s not artistic, it’s not even that aesthetically pleasing BUT I get to keep my tickets stored safely, I can thumb through it like a photo album and relive the good moments and it brings me a warm fuzzy feeling.

I’d love to know if you have a similar collection or keep a scrapbook journal, so drop me a comment

All I used was:

Old photo album/display folder
My tickets
Pencil & Grid paper
Clear tape
Scissors and eraser
An hour of my day

4 thoughts on “One Scrapbooking Idea

  1. Hahaha… That’s so cute!
    I don’t think it’s an hour wasted at all.

    If an hour of scrapbooking can give me a warm fuzzy feeling…then it’s worth every minute.

    I think scrapbooking allows you to tap into your creative side too – sometimes in ways you never imagined.

    I happen to be a little perfectionist and I also enjoy sketching. I don’t sketch often anymore, but when I do I find opportunity to fall in love with the mistakes, the scribbles and odd looking drawings….it’s beautiful and it tells me a new different kind of story.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Thank you for commenting 🙂

      I swear I am so useless at art & craft but now and again, I think I can so I try 90% of the time I’m rubbing stuff out though 😂

      I think I’ve become more patient with creativity since my son started school. Helping him with school projects definitely made me learn more skills and be more persevering. X

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      1. Haha! That’s great! Oh the school projects.. I can remember how stressed my parents were when I needed their help with that. Now that I have a baby sister, I’m having to help her now with all those homework and projects. Lol… I’m thinking of making a cool Easter Gift Bag for her to put all her Easter eggs in! 😀

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