Everyday Inspiration: Day 6

Firstly, if you have any suggestions for upcoming posts, please comment below or click here for contact details.

Where I write

Wherever I have the ability to write, then write I shall. For studying and work, I write at the University library and at home. For comedy and as a hobby, pretty much anywhere I have a lightbulb moment.

These days I write a lot more digitally, on standard Microsoft Office products however there are some apps I use as I do a lot of writing on my phone. The basic Notes app on my phone is my go to when I lm on the go or don’t have a pen to hand.

On here, for example I’m using the WordPress app. For comedy, I use a dedicated app called Bitbook that I can arrange my set-lists in and I use Teleprompter to practice my sets.

My ideal writing space

Living in a 2-bedroom council house, I don’t have the luxury of a study, office or conservatory. It’s either up at the dining table that doubles as a desk or it’ll be on my sofa spot in the corner.

One thing I’ve noticed is I cannot work at all if the housework hasn’t been done. Even if I can’t see the washing-up in the kitchen, I know it’s there and it bugs me thus blocking me. Promoting clarity helps me work.

In an ideal world, a roaring fireplace warming me from Alaskan snow in a quaint log cabin will suffice, though.

Thanks for reading…

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