Everyday Inspiration: Day 4

Using a single image as a prompt:

Once again, I’ll start with the first image and return to the others in due course.

The above image reminds me of a picture I took some time ago whilst out walking with my family.

Taken at Maes-Y-Pant, Wrexham
© All Rights Reserved

My image inspires me to write more than the suggested image because there’s no one in the photo yet there’s so much going on within if you look hard enough.

There’s no one in the photo that distracts my thoughts and freedom of expression.

The photo itself was taken just before Christmas 2020. During a global pandemic, National lockdowns and generally a very crappy time for most people.

But you see a wood…

The photo itself was taken by myself while out walking with my partner and son to a hidden gem on our doorstep we’d never been to before.

But you see a wood…

It was actually a nice day weather wise until the sun decided to set early as it’s winter, we got back in my car as it started to rain.

But you see a wood…

As I took the picture, the two men in my life were laughing, joking and exploring up ahead.

But you see a wood.

As always, thanks for reading

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