Everyday Inspiration: Day 1

I write because…

For as long as I can remember; I was always drawn to libraries and bookstores. Darkened wood-panelled walls, aisles of dusty shelves to get lost in yet never feeling unsafe.

A day dreamer and a night thinker, with no way of releasing a brain full of ideas to anyone who simply wouldn’t understand.

I write because…

Academically and in a working environment, I have to

I write because…

When it’s something you’re good at, you want to

I write because…

Therapeutically, I need to

I write because…

it is necessary. Write, I must

I write because…

I’m addicted, I’m compelled, I’m more open this way

I find it fun, I find comfort, I’m able to express what I need to say

It helps me focus, it helps me create, I can do it every day

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