Friday Feels #1

Hiya HQ-ers,

As this site is just 13 days old, let’s kick off this series with a look back over its time on the Bloggersphere.

My Insights Map

Its been a productive fortnight here at CS HQ as well as surprising.

Firstly, I’m in awe of how far around the World my visitors are. My site has been viewed in countries I’ve not even visited (yet)!

Where my readers are.

I’ve never achieved this with any other WordPress site I’ve had in such a short timeframe!

Genuinely fascinated with the power of the Interwebs and truly humbled at the Reach that Beyond the CSHQ has achieved. So I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you all for visiting the site and reading the blog.

Now; in terms of my WordPress proficiency, I’m completely self-taught. Only through actually using the platform and learning from other bloggers, reading their advice, tips and tricks, researching help topics, subscribing to other’s email lists and (gratefully) utilising their free/downloadable content, did I actually become au fait with WordPress and blogging.

The most effective way to do it, is to do it.

Amelia Earhart

That said; I believe that in anything, there is always room to improve. It doesn’t hurt to do more research, it won’t kill anyone to read more. So after stumbling across WordPress’ Blogging University a while ago, this time around, I signed up to ALL the courses.

Yes, all 10 that are currently still available to work through. I’m 13 days into Learning the fundamentals

(3 days into 8 others and 1 week in on the 10th)

As I’ve worked through the last 13 days, I’m relieved to find that I’d already done everything so even being self-taught meant I’d done it properly. Yet I still got something from it as I’ve now finally understood what Categories and Tags really are and what they’re for. And I learnt a shortcut I never knew existed which I’ve used every time I’ve posted. In fact I’m going to do it now:

Have YOU completed any of the WordPress Blogging University courses? I’d love to read all about it so please leave me a comment below.

See? Clever, eh? Well impressed with that one!

Join me for the next instalment on Friday!

Until then, thanks for reading and have a great weekend.

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