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As mentioned on my At Home with Lu page, there are a few things I’ve “bought” into that have helped me personally in various ways.

These “treats” have improved my image, confidence, well-being, creativity levels and have saved me money all while contributing to various causes, such as mental health and the environment.

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Here are some of my favourites!

For those needing to focus: stay focused with me and let’s turn out focused time into adorable trees! Download Forest using the link below and enter 3WKYMPSSG


Imagine you decide to donate £7.50 per month to a worthwhile cause; now imagine as a token of gratitude and commitment to helping everyone, you’re sent a chance to take a moment to pause…

According to the charity MIND, every year, one in four of us will experience a mental health problem. Does that one in four get the support and respect they deserve? Well maybe a monthly donation will help ensure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. For more information, click the link below:

Pause for Mind

Unless you’ve been living in a cave since November 2019, globally we have all been restricted in one way or another. As an avid wanderluster always looking for something ‘different’ I share with you my referral link should you be looking to have a stay/vacation somewhere:


Money Matters: especially now in tough economic times and with the constant threat of online fraud. Keep all your cards safe with Curve.


Sticking with money for anyone looking into Cryptocurrency: now there is so much information when it comes to Cryptocurrency however in doing my own research, I’ve found Wirex to cover all my crypto needs in one place.


For creatives and stationery lovers: I found these subscription box services which send monthly boxes created in collaboration with guest artists containing exclusive items. Not only does that put the artist in the spotlight, for every 4 boxes sold, a tree is planted as part of the Tree Aid initiative!

The referral links:



For those who want to help their community and minimise food waste: As a Volunteer Digital Ambassador for Olio, of course I have to mention their app, where you can safely share food, essential household items and more with your neighbours, all for free! Interested? Click the link below:


For those who want to make some money on a de-clutter or find a bargain: check out my referral link below.


For those who want a pamper or beauty treat: my not-so-little sister referred me to Glossybox as she thought her big sister could use a “pick me up”

I actually felt guilty initially for trying it out which in itself just showed how much of a “pick me up” I really needed. So I’m paying it forward with my referral link below:


All the above contribute to well-being, creativity, supporting the local community, lowering our carbon footprint, protecting the environment, reducing waste, promoting a new lease of life for the pre-loved. In addition, these collaborative efforts contribute to raising awareness, charitable work and donations also building brand awareness, supporting independent businesses and the self-employed.

I am in no way affiliated with any organisations listed above, nor was I asked to advertise them. I just wanted to share some of my favourite apps and services with you. Hopefully you’ll like them as much as I do 🙂

Other shopping:

The Laughing Sloth

£3 off your first order!


The link above gives you credit for shopping within the Wish app

Click my referral link below to register your postcode for a chance to win a free daily draw with Pick My Postcode (U.K. only)

Free to Play

Money Saving Referral Links:

My favourite retailers now pay for my mobile bill, join @airtimerewards and get free credit using my code 3QB6MYUL

Airtime Rewards


Scottish Power

Other savings and subscriptions:

StitchFix for Men

StitchFix for Women

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