Who is CSHQ?

Hello, I’m Lu Williams. I consider myself a dedicated individual, that branched out into stand-up comedy as a professional challenge I wanted to overcome.

With outstanding communication & problem-solving skills, I’ve been able to develop as a detail-oriented writer, passionate educational facilitator and local community Radio Personality.

What is CSHQ?

CSHQ is the brand name that houses over ten years of public speaking and experience in writing academically and creatively. It is committed to adapting to appropriate audiences with fast and accurate editing skills. It is successful in delivering effective tutoring services to post-16 students and skilled in implementing lesson plans.

When did it become CSHQ?

Initially, late 2018 when I decided to try stand-up comedy. However, with the pandemic, I needed something more sustainable.

Back in 2013 after enrolling on a course, I found I wanted to do more than just ’12 weeks and forget about it’. I was given an opportunity to demonstrate my ability to deliver one-on-one service focused on learning and skills development. Fostering positive learning environments by encouraging students to develop individual skills. Specializing in 1:1 instruction, team collaboration and relationship building with students. All this I have spent the pandemic, developing further. (I’m also known for hosting morning and late night radio).

Where is CSHQ?

Physically based in North Wales, but all things CSHQ are here on this website.


With life as we all knew it suspended since officially March 2020, it was time to reassess my life, career & future prospects.

It’s no secret I suffer with Depression & Anxiety, I’m also responsible for a small person with bills to pay. Originally, my mission was to help others however it went against me in ways that affected me both personally & professionally. Now, I choose not to be affected by any negative repercussions & wish to continue in my mission of making someone’s day a little brighter.


Whether it’s through education, stand-up comedy, blogging…

Let’s start a conversation that matters!